Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life with Men and Boys in Hill Billy Heaven

I truly think God is trying to knock on my head and teach me patience at this time in my life

At the moment we are remodeling our office at work so I am in a 8x8 room with 16 guys....

There is only one bathroom and and if that isnt bad enough try this:

When you enter the bathroom there is a coffee pot on the counter.....Why you ask? Because you have to fill the coffee pot with water and proceed to pour into toilet bowl in order for it to flush!!!!!


Thank goodness in the new office there are plans for my own bathroom!

Then I come home and my oldest son walks out in camouflage overalls that are two little for his long legs and a straw hat that I swear he dug out of the trash>>>>>>When asked what he was wearing? He replied, I have my pink polo on.......Oh yes, I did fail to mention that earlier. He did have his pink polo ...I should have taken a picture it was priceless.

But hey, HILLBILLIES can be very creative for entertainment see below pic and get a good laugh because I did..

So needless to say I am loving Traci Bautista's online class.........

I can express all my frustrations with coffee pots and bathrooms thru graffiti!


  1. I love the BOLD picture. I think that is about the cutest thing I've ever seen - except maybe that picture of my little hillybilly grandsons. Now that was priceless!
    I'm gonna love this blog thing!!!

  2. Too Cute! Love your Blog! If you want me to make you a cute header or add a cute background, just email me :) ( I would LOVE to help you. Glad you finally joined the crazy blog world! Its FUN!!!!

  3. Hi Joli, I came over here from your Mom's blog. I see that you're taking Traci's online class, which is most definitely my next online class. I was curious how other people liked the class . I love this style of art so much--I don't see why I wouldn't like it. I'll be following you--good luck with your blog.

  4. Love the 'love' one - it looks kinda wild. And your children are the cutest
    Hope you are enjoying blogging!

  5. That pic of the boys is TOO CUTE!!!
    (And hilarious to pull out for dates when they're older.)
    Love your Faith graffiti page...