Saturday, April 24, 2010

My baby is going to Kindergarden!

So its 3:00 Am and yes I am still up...I am on call and we are having major issues at work so I get the privilage of watching our stuff via the computer!!! FUN, FUN , FUN......But hey I get to catch up on whats been going on this week with us!

So Wed I took Son 2 to Kindergarden roundup.....Needless to say he was not to excited! When the principal asked him if was so excited he gave her his signature look and very candidly said "no"......

You see he had already told me he didnt want to go because he is going to have to be in the principals office ALL THE TIME! He then explained that they dont have a principal at preschool only time out and that he thought the time out chair was comfortable....

That child is teaching me all sorts of stuff and keeps me and his father on our toes and constantly learning new ways to parent and discipline......
See below him, his principal and Miss B......2023 Graduates


  1. This child is teaching everyone lessons! The Bible says that a little child shall lead them. But it has the best mom and the best dad for the job- God must have thought you were freakin brilliant! MOM

  2. Congratulations on entering blog world Joli! I am sure you will have all sorts of fun here and discover new friends. I accidentally signed up to follow you twice and don't know how to change it, but then maybe that means I get twice the love :-)
    Happy blogging