Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I have been "sweet" all I can. After reading this post you may find that Crazy Consuela truly does fit me!

Husband bloggers you may want to pay attention to what I am about to say and you wives out there I give you full permission to use as seen fit!

Never ever tell your wife for two years you are going to redo her porch and sidewalk. THEN NOT DO IT....

Because without warning she will begin to "MAKE" her sidewalk and porch beautiful with whatever tools she can find and use. There is no talking her out of it or telling her "sweetie I will start on your porch this weekend" this point you sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to her and all she hears is "WA, WA, WA, WA"

You will one day drive up or walk out of the house and find her doing this:

My husband was a little shocked that I chose to "tag" our sidewalk. My oldest son exclaimed "Mom I dont think you made a very good decision" theres a chance he has might of heard that a time or two......But my youngest-he understood the hill I was dying on and exclaimed"Mom I want to help you!"

Fellow girls sometimes it takes drastic measures for our husbands to get motivated! Funny, that now porch plans our at the top of his list(:

But more pictures to come when I finish my masterpiece "because I am sure I will have plenty of time" before he gets started on his.

Hope you all are having a fantabulous week.

Go ahead go graffitti or put your "tag" on something I must say I had a grin on my face the WHOLE time!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is just genius! And everywhere's a canvas, right? Can't wait to see your other photos. Love your blog banner too

  2. :D Love it--thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  3. Hey Joli - your mum tells me you have just got a new sewing machine? I just got one for my birthday and haven't the first clue how to use it but am going to dive in today. If you want a sewing buddy as you get going, I'm your gal! By the way, I put up a blog post about how to get going with sewing and some lovely people posted brilliant advice and links - check out the comments here